Raymond Hains

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Certificate: Thomas Hains


Private Collection, Paris

Raymond Hains

Born in Saint-Brieuc in 1926 and died in 2005, Raymond Hains lived and worked between Paris and Nice. He is a founding member of the Nouveaux Réaliste.

He collects posters on their original support, wood and metal, which allow him to establish a dialogue between the background and the colors of the image.

 "My works existed before me, but we did not see them because they looked out." "The time of the plates" follows the discovery by Raymond Hains in 1958 of the warehouse Bompaire where they were stored. or palisade, it is seized by the original support that burst on the surface, changing the perception pattern / background: "I liked the level of color.I like the gray of the galvanized sheet (...). was closer to informal painting than when I picked up posters. "