Jean Miotte


Oil on canvas
100 x 150 cm
Signed and dated
Certificate from the Miotte Foundation

Jean Miotte

Jean Miotte was born in Paris in 1926. At this time, no pixels, satellites or video. Nothing but aesthetics and the Bel Air, even if cubism, suprematism and constructivism have already created an illusory abyss between the proponents of a geometric abstract and those of a less cold abstract.

In 1939, the declaration of the war, in 1940 the debacle, the occupation, the privations, the danger that plague the world, directly affect Miotte.

We must go back in time to discover what influenced Miotte: Flemish painting, especially that of the painter Frans Hals.

Jean Miotte is one of the artists of this century, who throughout their creative activity, have remained unclassifiable. His clear, distinct perception, and his interest in philosophical and analytical questions are reflected in the vitality of his painting.

Miotte is one of the few artists whose work is appreciated and understood in most of the world, whether in Europe, Asia, America or Africa. Indeed, he has conceived a universal pictorial language that has crossed the borders and has always been characterized by an energetic and coherent evolution.

The free gesture of Jean Miotte continues to expand the space and sublimates the double movement of desire, regressive and progressive, with a perpetual oscillation between beauty and chaos.