Francis Picabia

Paysage du sud de la FranceCirca 1935

Oil on canvas laid on board
28 x 20 cm
Certificate of the Picabia Estate

Francis Picabia

Francis Picabia was born in 1879 in Paris.

His works is created on the idea of develop the art of the immortality. Really fast he gets acquainted with Guillaume Apollinaire who becomes his friend and an accomplice. Both of them with an avant-gardist approach, they’ve got a viewing really melancholic and ironic on a world in full transition. In 1895, he starts to learn school at the Decorative Arts but also frequently at the school of the Louvre where he met Georges Braque and Marie Laurencin.

Francis Picabia discover impressionist at the sides of Alfred Sisley and Pissaro’s family, his works are inspired by this movement and during more than 10 years he created more than 100 artworks whose seduce the public immediately.

Since 1903, he decides to create a break between this current and painted “Caoutchouc” six years later, which is today, recognize like one of the key of abstract art.

His met with Marcel Duchamp adds a cubist touch to its work and together they create the show of the golden section, which gives the opportunity to the Puteaux’s group of artists, which he has joined to show an intellectual process, by creating new movements.

After a trip in New York, he became Dadaist in 1916 for five years. Indeed, he decides to stop this current and join the surrealist one.

During all his life, Francis Picabia try to reinvent by proposing a constantly evolving art.

Francis Picabia is dead in 1953.