Gérard Schneider

"Opus 67e"12-1960

Oil on canvas
150 x 200 cm
Signed and dated


Collection Roger Gros, France
Collection Jeanine Bernard, France
Private Collection, France
Private Collection, Paris


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Gérard Schneider

Gérard Schneider is a Swiss painter born in 1896 in Sainte-Croix and died in Paris in 1986.
An artist who made all his classics, first trying the figurative world, the still life and even the surealism.
From the second world war, he turned to a style that never left: the abstraction.
Powerful canvases, so-called action paintings in which the artist creates in a very spontaneous way, with a gesture of the lively and fugitive brush. Gérard Schneider does not try to represent something real but rather to bring out intense emotions in the realization of his works. Indeed, we find in abstract compositions, forms and movements specific to the artist, with the use of many colors that respond to his taste and that gives him a certain effect that he can do without, while giving a richness to his works to bring out a certain sound taste.
A musical will of the key that we find in the name of his works (indeed, all these pictorial compositions have the name of "Opus", as if he had produced his own music). Let's not forget that he was a musician and devoted many hours to musical improvisation.
Gérard Shneider first shone abroad, before being considered a recognized leader of abstraction in France.