Alexander Calder

Sans titre1964

Gouache on paper
50 x 65 cm
Signed and dated
Registred number from the Calder Fundation: A 08000

Alexander Calder


Alexander "Sandy" Calder was born in Lawnton near Philadelphia in 1898 and died in New York in 1976.


Since a long time, Alexander Calder is recognized as an American sculptor and painter powerfully original and as a world-known artist.


His engineering studies in the United States and the influence of Mondrian led him to create a remarkable visual sense with the "mobiles" that made him famous. The "stabiles" (representing one of his first major achievements with its lively circus model "Le Grand Cirque Calder » 1927), the" gouaches "to which he beautifully combines fantasy, strength and lightness.

The year 1930 is significant for its turn towards geometric abstraction : a new form of abstraction where the movement becomes material in itself.