Alexander Calder


Gouache on paper
110 x 80 cm
Signed and dated
Registred number form the Calder Fundation: A 10167


Dans son atelier en Touraine, Alexander Calder transforme une porcherie pour créer "la Gouacherie". Amoureux des volumes, des couleurs et de l'espace, on retrouve très souvent dans ses gouaches un soleil, une étoile, des ballons ... Cette oeuvre représente certainement des bulles (titre de l'oeuvre) qui flottent et filent dans l'espace. Une impression de mouvement et de légerté se dégage comme dans les mobiles de Calder.

Alexander Calder


Alexander "Sandy" Calder was born in Lawnton near Philadelphia in 1898 and died in New York in 1976.


Since a long time, Alexander Calder is recognized as an American sculptor and painter powerfully original and as a world-known artist.


His engineering studies in the United States and the influence of Mondrian led him to create a remarkable visual sense with the "mobiles" that made him famous. The "stabiles" (representing one of his first major achievements with its lively circus model "Le Grand Cirque Calder » 1927), the" gouaches "to which he beautifully combines fantasy, strength and lightness.

The year 1930 is significant for its turn towards geometric abstraction : a new form of abstraction where the movement becomes material in itself.