Georges Mathieu

" Cieux de Braize "Circa 1990

Oil on canvas
115 x 90 cm

Georges Mathieu

Georges Mathieu was born in 1921 in Boulogne sur Mer.

He came from a noble family of bankers but study letters, law and philosophy at the university of Lille where he obtains a bachelor of English.

With his graduate in the pocket, he starts to paints his first works and being a professor at the same time. He decides to organize some exhibitions to promote a liberate art called “lyrical abstraction”, movement which he is the major figure.

Until 1950, Georges Mathieu created some canvas composed with stains and starts to travel all around the world. He always gets a cheering. These permit to the artist to realize that he needs to develop a new art with his own style.

 His work is exposed all over the world and he likes to make some happenings in public to show the way he pains and his gesture, which reminds the one of Jackson Pollock.

 He begins to create new forms and work for some projects for the national factury of Gobelins, platos for Sevres, posters for Air-France and designed a new 10 francs.

 Always surrounded in a new project, Georges Mathieu decides to promote art professions. He is also awarded with the Legion of Honor and makes Commander of the order of the Arts and Letters.

 Georges Mathieu is dead in 2012.