Hans HartungT1965-E21
Acrylic on canvas
Signed and dated
44.09 x 70.87 in ( 112 x 180 cm )
Inquiry - T1965-E21, 1965


This work is registered in Hartung Bergman Foundation


Galerie de France, 1973

Galleria Annunciata, Milan

Private Collection


"Mostra di Natale", Galleria Annunciata, Milan, 1975


"Mostra di Natale", Galleria Annunciata, Milan, 1975

Artwork's description

The 1960s marked a turning point in artist's work. Hartung will use acrylic (vinyl) because it dries faster than oil. He then begins to work with various industrial objects (knives, sprayers, brushes, rakes ...). Using a compressed air gun which allows him to obtain atmospheric effects thanks to tiny droplets which will be deposited on the canvas, he will create a colored background. Then a dark and vibrant shape will emerge, this is the start of the cloud series. Then Hartung uses a steel brush to scrape, ribbing the still fresh paint and create these lines. He is looking for a correct, applied and controlled gesture. This work is the result of a constant tension between instinct and rigor, impulse and reason. Hartung will never stop reinventing himself, evolving and surprising throughout his artistic career.

Artist's biography

Hans Hartung is a German painter born in 1904.

At the start of the booming expressionist movement in the 1920s, he studied art and tried to reproduce the works of Rembrandt or Goya.

In 1922, he discovered a process of colors with "aniline" which made it possible to give watercolors much more intense colors.

He moved to France in 1935 where he met Piet Mondrian, Alexander Calder, etc. He began to find his style by developing a series of works "ink stains".

Hans Hartung is attracted by the effect of the colors placed in relation to each other while being in a very abstract movement. The 1940s marked the end of the preparatory drawing.

He quickly became a major figure in the informal and gestural language that was very prominent in the 1950s. The color is always present but the forms disappear in favor of a unique gesture while respecting a principle: each color has its movement.

Hans Hartung continued to explore new techniques such as scraping that can be found in his 1960s series which allow him, using various tools, to paint the paint while it is still fresh in order to draw a new network of lines.

Finally in 1970, Hans Hartung became less attached to the sign to devote himself to the surface with the help of a lithographic roller and worked on transparency by playing with light.

Hans Hartung died at the age of 85 in 1989.