Claude ViallatSans Titre
Painting on fabrics
96.85 x 71.65 in ( 246 x 182 cm )
Inquiry - Sans Titre, 1975


Certificate from Claude Viallat


Galerie Jean Fournier

Collection Privée, Belgique

Artwork's description

From 1970, Claude Viallat is looking for a renewal of art and this begins with a questioning of traditional materials.

For this work, which dates from 1975, the artist uses an industrial tarpaulin as a support, which gives fluidity to its creation. He desacralizes "the canvas" by freeing it from its frame. He paints patterns in the shapes of knucklebones, with a stencil. They are repeated endlessly, the colors keep coming in different combinations. The light pierces the fabric, and accentuates the richness of the colors used.