Bernar Venet222.5 arcs x 4
Rolled steel
23.62 x 23.62 x 5.91 in ( 60 x 60 x 15 cm )
Inquiry - 222.5 arcs x 4, 1998


Inventory Number: bv98ss2


Dorfman Project, New-York

Private Collection, Mexico

Artwork's description

From 1976, Bernar Venet continued his research and his attachment to mathematical formulas. From these references he creates sculptures in the form of an arc he will decline symmetrically, vertically, horizontally and in disorder. It is through the title of the work, which is also the physical representation in degrees, that the artist brings these calculations to life. The intangible formula becomes an aesthetic object in the material state. The association of these four arches follows a central guideline, the work is both massive and airy thanks to these perfect curves, which gives an impression of movement. These linked arcs of different dimensions match and release at the highest point of the sculpture. By the inaccessibility of the point, Venet brings his work to life.

Bernar Venet - 222.5° arcs x 4, 1998
Bernar Venet - 222.5° arcs x 4, 1998