André MarfaingComposition
Acrylic on canvas
Signed lower right
28.74 x 23.62 in ( 73 x 60 cm )
Inquiry - Composition, 1984


Certificate from Marie Marfaing


Galerie Claude Bernard, Paris

Artwork's description

From 1971, André Marfaing abandoned oil paint for acrylic and produced more refined and simplified compositions. Here, the painter brushes the canvas with veracity, firmness and spontaneity. It cuts the space radically, favoring verticality. Black occupies an important part of the composition, like a shadow that covers the light. The white background lets appeaer " the fault where to slip, until gradually invading the space of the canvas, like the quest for an absolute." He is the source of light, revealing, immanent, emerging from his painting. Marfaing has never ceased to question himself, to explore the fight between shadow and light, between emptiness and fullness, between nothing and being. His art is deep and spiritual.

“ Along with Soulages, Hartung and Kline, Marfaing is one of the great crushers of black who appeared after the last war, but he caresses this color with caution, tenderness and firmness. ” Frederic Edelman