Victor BraunerEnvolement
Oil on canvas
Titled, signed and dated lower right
25.98 x 31.89 in ( 66 x 81 cm )
Inquiry - Envolement, 1958


Dans les archives de Samy Kinge


Private Collection, Italia

A.M Galleria, Brescia

Artist's biography

Victor Brauner is a Romanian painter, who belonged to the surrealist movement. Brauner was born in 1903 in Piatra Nemt in Romania and died in 1966 in Paris. His childhood was marked by the Great Peasant Revolt in Moldova in 1907 and by his father's spiritualism sessions. He then studied as a teenager at the School of Fine Arts in Bucharest from 1919 to 1921.

In 1932, Brauner became an official member of the surrealist group and from this period, one very often found in his works, a theme that obsessed him: that of the enucleated eye, represented either pierced, pierced with horns or thrown to the ground . A few years later, the artist lost his left eye, during an argument, he was hit in the face by a broken glass. Brauner, was very influenced by the works of Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso, etc.

His characteristic imagery inspired by his personal mythology captivates André Breton who propels him to the center of the surrealist group. Deeply attached to his Romanian roots as well as his unique visual lexicon, Victor Brauner creates striking interpretations of occult divine figures with their own attributes and obscure powers.