Sam FrancisSF71-1013
Acrylic on paper
Titled, dated and signed on the back
21.65 x 29.53 in ( 55 x 75 cm )
Inquiry - SF71-1013, 1971


Private Collection, Belgium

Auction's De Vuyst, Belgium

Private Collection, Belgium

Artwork's description

From the end of the 1960s, Sam Francis carried out in-depth research into light. He wonders about the two contradictory states of the latter: "black, the original background from which light springs, and white, the basis of light and sum of colors". He seeks to achieve a good balance since, according to him, "an increase in light causes an increase in darkness". This is how he experiments with the superposition of "veils of color" which allow him to attenuate the intensity of the light. His painting is not frozen. The irregular shape of the spots and the unevenness of color in tones and hues give an impression of movement. Sam Francis always explores the universe of light by deepening his research: "color by a grid of pictorial space which plays on geometrization and the possibility of creating rays of light". White has a dominant place, on which colored bands come to rest and an old network, both structured and disarticulated.

Artist's biography

Sam Lewis Francis said Sam Francis is an American painter, known for his non-figurative work. Borned in 1923 in San Mateo (California), the artist has created a new color aesthetic and a new design canvas.

Sam Francis was not intended to become a painter, following studies in medicine and psychology. In 1944, after joining the Army as an aviator, he was victim of a plane crash, crashing in the desert. During his two years, where he stayed at the hospital, he began to start painting. This artist was convinced that art really helped him. In 1946, he decided to go to San Francisco to attend the courses of the artist Clyfford Still, before leaving for Paris in 1946.

His work is in various movements initiated and developed by American artists such as Pollock, de Kooning, Kline. Francis mainly used the technique of "dripping" in the composition of his works.