Paul JenkinsPhenomena
Watercolor on paper
Signed and dated
43.31 x 31.5 in ( 110 x 80 cm )
Inquiry - Phenomena, 1987


Private Collection, Paris

Artwork's description

The colors pour out and blend together on a sheet that the artist handles delicately. He curves and waltzes the paper, then uses an ivory knife to define the shapes. “Color is a sensation and not an external manifestation of nature”. Paul Jenkins, painter and philosopher, regularly entitles his works, Phenomena, "Phenomena", which refers to intelligible reality.

Artist's biography

Paul Jenkins is an abstract expressionist painter. Using controlled paint-pouring technique, which invites him to pour the color directly onto the support, Paul Jenkins was fully involved in the post-war action painting. Between spontaneity and mastery of the artistic gesture, his work evolves naturally towards the affirmation of the color, in particular by the new use of acrylic: as a result liquid forms which stand out on white backgrounds: these Phenomena, inspired by the theories of the color of Goethe.

Paul Jenkins is an artist associated with the movement of lyrical abstraction. From these brightly colored works emerge a certain rhythm with a musical connotation very present in the composition of his works.