Maria Helena Vieira Da SilvaCittą
Watercolor on rice paper
Signed and dated
8.07 x 21.26 in ( 20.5 x 54 cm )
Inquiry - Cittą, 1975


Jacques Lassaigne Collection, Paris

Private collection, Lugano, Switzerland

Artwork's description

This work on paper represents an expanse of networks and mosaics, all in a composition with a fleeting perspective. This is, according to the artist, “ a way of making the work breathe ".
Vieira Da Silva borrows forms from the real world, particularly from urban planning Here the structure extends over the entire surface of the paper. The colored lines take possession of the paper, they are energetic, dazzling and expressive. Indeed, they express a sensation, indicate a direction or outline a construction.
“ All of his drawings are just spurts, calls for a momentum or a rhythm. Remembrance and premonitions meet there, as in each of his paintings. ”