Olivier Debré

CompositionVers 1947

Oil on canvas


Private Collection

Artcurial Auction

Olivier Debré

Olivier Debré was born in 1920 in Paris.

He has be inspired by his grandfather, Edouard Debat Ponsa, which painted impressionist’s landscapes. That’s why he naturally starts to paint and sculpt.

After having following studies of architecture and history, he became Le Corbusier’s pupil at 18en years old. In 1945, met Serge Poliakoff, Nicolas de Staël and Pierre Soulages.

During a trio in the United States, he met Jackson Pollock one of the most important painter of abstract and expressionist.

When he came back in Paris he settled his studio on the Loire’s shores, this place inspire him so much that he decided to represented it in some painting. Always with the idea of represented the emotion a place give to him and not in copy what he see, Olivier Debré became the master in the art of emotion with a technique full of freedom. His goal is to let the viewer his one emotion as if he where in front of the landscape. That’s how he creates “verfante abstract”.

He likes to play with transparencies mixed with effects of texture on his canvas. Some are in monochromes tones and an on monumental size.

His art is without any straightforward and full of innocence.

His works are dominated by the idea peace in which only the colour get a place to translate all the beauty in the world around us.

Olivier Debré died in 1999.