Francis Picabia

Francis Picabia

Francis Picabia was born in 1879 in Paris. His work was created on the idea of developing the art of immortality. He quickly got to know Guillaume Apollinaire who became his friend and accomplice. Both in an avant-garde approach, they looked as melancholy as ironic towards a world in transition.

In 1895, he began his apprenticeship at the School of Decorative Arts but also frequented a lot at the Louvre School where he met Georges Braque and Marie Laurencin.

Francis Picabia discovered Impressionism alongside Alfred Sisley and the Pissaro family, his canvases are inspired by it and for more than 10 years, more than a hundred canvases will be born and will seduce the public immediately.

From 1903, he decided to create a break with this current and painted Rubber six years later and today considered one of the founding works of abstract art.

His meeting with Marcel Duchamp added a cubist touch to his work and together they created the living room of the Golden Section, which allows the group of Puteaux that he joined to join an intellectual approach by creating new movements.

Following a trip to New York, he joined the Dadaist movement in 1916 for five years. Indeed, he finally decides to abandon this movement to join that of the surrealists.

Throughout his life, Francis Picabia has continued to reinvent himself by offering an art in constant evolution.

Francis Picabia died in 1953.

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