Hugo Rondinoneneunzehntermärzzweitausendundeinundzwanzig
Watercolor on canvas
Signed and dated on the back
12.99 x 19.02 in ( 33 x 48.3 cm )
Inquiry - neunzehntermärzzweitausendundeinundzwanzig, 2021


Certificate from the Studio


Kamel Mennour, Paris

Artwork's description

Ugo Rondinone's artistic approach is characterised in the observation and questioning of the link that unites human beings to the world natural.
Through the series The Mattituck Paintings, the artist celebrates the sun. With a particular simplicity, these paintings capture the multiple sunsets observed from the window of his studio in Mattituck, New York.
By using a limited colour palette, the artist glorifies this natural phenome-non. The use of watercolour accurately illustrates the subtle gradation of light as it fades into darkness. Each painting has a unique colour palette, highlighting both the diversity and uniqueness of this event.
Ugo Rondinone poetically manages to capture a specific moment in nature. This temporality is subtly anchored in the titles of each painting, corresponding to the date of creation of the work in German.