François-Xavier LalanneTroupeau
In patinated bronze and epoxy concrete
Each numbered and dated respectively
Inquiry - Troupeau, 1997


Guy Pieters Gallery, Knokke
Private Collection, Belgium

Artwork's description

In the dreamlike world of François-Xavier Lalanne, the boundaries between art and functionality, dream and reality, blend harmoniously. Among his most iconic works, the herds of concrete sheep stand as immutable guardians of a fantastical realm, uniting the raw aesthetic of the material with surreal poetry.
Each sheep seems to come to life under the artist's hand, its angular contours and rough texture embodying both the robustness of the material and the ethereal softness of the animal. These creatures frozen in time appear ready to escape their concrete captivity to join the artist's imaginary pastures.
Lalanne's herds of concrete sheep transcend the limits of traditional sculpture to become icons of contemporary art. Their monumental presence in public spaces invites contemplation and reflection, while their playful and whimsical aspect attracts both children and adults alike. Through these creations, Lalanne reminds us of the magic that lies in the fusion of art and nature, of imagination and reality.