Gérard SchneiderSans Titre
Mixed media and collage on board
57.09 x 40.55 in ( 145 x 103 cm )
Inquiry - Sans Titre, 1986


Certificate from the archives Schneider


Galleria Michelangelo, Bergamo

Private Collection

Galleria Open Art, Prato


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Centro Culturale S. Bartolomeo, Bergamo, 2005

Artist's biography

Gérard Schneider is a Swiss painter born in 1896 in Sainte-Croix and died in Paris in 1986. He is an artist who has done all his classics, first trying out the figurative world, still life and even surealism. From the Second World War, he moved towards a style that never left him: abstraction.

Powerful canvases, so-called action paintings where the artist creates in a very spontaneous way, with a gesture of a lively and fleeting brush. Gérard Schneider does not seek to represent something real but rather to bring out intense emotions in the production of his works. Indeed, we find in the abstract compositions, forms and movements specific to the artist, with the use of many colors that meet his taste and which gives him a certain effect that he cannot do without, while giving a richness to his works to bring out a certain sound taste.

A musical will of the touch that we find in the name of his works (indeed, all these pictorial compositions have the name "Opus", (as if he had produced his own music). Let us not forget that he was a musician and devoted many hours to musical improvisation.

Gérard Schneider first shone abroad, before being considered a recognized leader in abstraction in France.